A. Alcohol can affect judgement and decision making.

B. Alcohol may make people do things that they wouldn’t do if they were sober, like having sex, or doing sexual things.

C. Alcohol may make you forget to have safe sex.

D. Alcohol may make you use condoms incorrectly.

E. Alcohol may lead to unintended pregnancies or STIs.

F. Alcohol may lead to negative emotions such as guilt, fear, or regret.

But everyone does it? Or do they?

In our culture, mixing alcohol and sex is made to look normal but it doesn’t mean everyone actually does it.

About 50%—70% of sexual assaults can be linked to alcohol use.

Most alcohol-related sexual assaults occur between people who know each other. Alcohol is the number one ‘date rape’ drug.

If you think you might be pregnant or have some questions about your pregnancy contact the confidential 24-hour Pregnancy Line at 403-269-3110


The Truth About Alcohol and Sex

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