• Is both physical and emotional in nature
  • Carries some risk – you can become pregnant, receive an STI, or have it affect your emotional well-being
  • Is a milestone– you only get one chance to lose your virginity
  • Is not to be taken lightly – males and females
  • Is best when it is a personal expression of caring between two people


  • A way to make somebody love you or make a commitment to you
  • A test of your love for your partner
  • A measure of how grown up you are
  • A good way to get back at your parents
  • Away to assert your independence
  • A way to measure up toyour peers
  • Always fun or enjoyable – sometimes you will wonder if it was really worth it


  1. Make sure you and your partner are ready. ALWAYS ask!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner about their sexual health history. It is your right to know!
  3. Use protection
    1. Protection for both STIs (i.e. condoms) as well as a form of back up birth control just in case!
  4. If you’re unsure if your method of birth control worked, consider an emergency contraception pill (Plan B.)
  5. Talk to an adult you trust