If you think you may have symptoms of an STI:

  • Hold off on having sex and foreplay until you speak with a doctor. In the case you do have an STI this will prevent the spread of the infection
  • Try not to self diagnose, make the appointment with a doctor to have your concerns put to ease. The sooner you have a treatment plan the better

Keep in mind most STIs don’t have any symptoms that you would notice.

What is your normal?

Get to know your body. This way you are more likely to notice something out of the norm.

What to look for

Check for an unusual colour, rash, strange discharge or bumps or sores in and around your genitals.

Useful Tips if you are having sex
Get tested often even if you feel fine. Talk to your doctor about what tests
are right for you.
Some STIs like herpes and warts can only be diagnosed when symptoms
are present. For a proper diagnosis get tested when you see the symptoms.
The sooner you are tested and treated, the sooner your symptoms can be cured or controlled.
If you are looking for medical help or mental health question, call 811. This is a 24 -hour confidential line where you will have the opportunity to speak with a Registered Nurse regarding your concern.

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